5 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Game

Are you tired of redundant instagram posts? Only gaining followers here and there? Haven’t started on those resolutions yet?  

Look no further than Lindi & Partners for the latest marketing strategies

As 2018 sets in, here are 5 key tips for upping your Instagram game:

  1. Comment on similar local businesses posts

Supporting local businesses directly is not only a great networking strategy but a way to see what works and doesn’t. On top of this, followers of this brand can see what your brand has to offer from searching through comments.

  1.  Cater to your viewers via insights

By clicking on insights, you can analyze data ranging from gender, area, and time. This isn’t useless information. Insight is information to be processed for later use, such as posting at a high view rate time or geotagging near an area with the greatest following.

  1. Hashtags

Instagram allows users to follow hashtags on their timeline. One more step to let viewers dip their toes in the water. Hashtags bring those together who relate.

  1. Boomerangs

A smart marketing strategy incorporating not only a photo but video too. Boomerangs give a half live, half picturesque update. Who doesn’t love a good boomerang?

  1. Go Live

Viewers crave streaming. The whole world craves streaming. Streaming services are taking over television companies. Going live is one way of personally connecting to those who support your brand or are curious. Familiarize your brand.

Still can’t seem to find your Instagram “voice”? Shoot us a message & we’ll get you on your way! 


The Importance of Social Media in Business

When you think of Social Media today, memes and selfies come to mind.

What the big picture of social media paints is a spectrum of information that can be shared across the world in a matter of seconds.

Some may say Social Media is attacking their private lives. Some say social media is distracting. Both can be true, but, Social Media is opening your eyes to new experiences, products & friends you haven’t connected with since you were 8. 

The fires that are currently happening in California, are a testament to this fact. Video shares have spread immensely, making this tragedy aware, nationwide. Social Media is being used as a platform to find temporary homes for the animals suffering in the California fires.

The faster information spreads the faster humans can gather information and make an impact. There are several resources from gofundme to Facebook campaigns that allow you to donate money to a foundation instead of another lame annual “happy birthday post”.

social mediaThe fact is, Social media is growing.

Do you recognize the fact that Facebook always has ads related to searches you’ve made or links you’ve clicked? This is one example of how social media data is used to formulate your interests.

In 2017, this is major. A little creepy, but major. When you cut the middle man out, products come to you.

Another important factor to Social Media is the fact we can communicate and grow with other businesses around the world without language barriers. Facebook allows the option to “translate”  text.  Making it easier to network with [businesses around the world.

It used to be that we would spend time, effort, and money towards physical materials such as billboards, signs, and flyers (not saying these aren’t great techniques) but where are people putting their attention towards? Their phones, social media to be exact.

Trends and new fads have a way of making their spotlight via social media much sooner than seeing someone walking down the street in their ripped jeans and jean jacket. For example, Instagram is solely devoted to picture posts, and now businesses can link to their products through photos. Essentially an interactive magazine in our hands.

With all of this information flying around on our phones, we have the power to make moves happen.

Social media can help people invest in your small business. Social Media can spread the products you create to new audiences. 

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